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The first set of revisions addressing some of the concerns that have been voiced, are now live.

1) The Upcoming Auction Calendar page has been condensed to make scanning the items for sale easier.

2) Once an auction has been viewed, the button will turn from Green to Blue so that you can easily keep track of the sales that you have already visited.

3) We have changed the symbols for New and Revised back to the red N for new and the blue R for revised for those that were not accessing the previous symbols. 

4) We have tightened up the graphics to be less open thus allowing faster access to the information that you are after.

Updating will be an ongoing process, so please feel free to send us your feedback. We will take everything into account to try to make Auctionsfind as useful to you as is possible.

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Wishing you all a safe and wonderful Labour Day weekend.

Enjoy your next auction and kindly let it be known that you "Found it at Auctionsfind".

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