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Auctioneer(s): Dennis Storey
530 First Street London ON
Tel:  519 641-2844

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Industrial - Commercial - Residential
Family Law - Bankruptcies - Estates - Business Take Overs
Insurance - Bank Financing
You Name it - We Appraise It
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Manufacturing Plants - Retail Stores - Restaurants - Receiverships
Heavy Equipment - Autos, Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Estates, etc. etc.

Strictly Confidential Services - Will Travel
Over 25 years of Service Throughout Canada
We conduct ALL types of successful Auctions including:Restaurants, Machine Shops, Estates, Retail Outlets, Office, Construction, Factories, Commercial and Industrial Equipment, Properties, etc.. Each Auction is designed and engineered to its specific need to obtain the highest possible return. We travel throughout Canada conducting successful Auctions. Our reputation and commitment is second to none. Total Auction Management Service, only a phone call away... Storey Auctions also conducts all types of Appraisals - Family Law, Bank Financing, Estates, Retail, Restaurants, etc. Call us if you are thinking of Liquidating or if you need to purchase.

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